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The Most…

The best-selling three wine brands in the world: 1) Gallo-USA: 20.5 million liters 2) Concha y Toro-Chile: 17.6 million liters 3) Yellow Tail-Australia: 11.2 million liters

The best selling champagne brand: LVMH(Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton)


The biggest wine bottle in the world: Was manufactured by Wang Chen Vineyard’s in the Liaoning province of China. The bottle is 4,5 meters tall and can contain 1850 liters of wine. Which kind of food the wine inside is compatible with, who knows! If you say game meat, how much? A flock of geese? Once you open a bottle, it must be finished. Maybe at a festival?


The biggest wine cellar: Milestii Mici in Moldova. Located 40-85 meters under the ground. 250 kilometers wide, 120 kilometers of it used, cars are used to navigate the area! A huge underground wine city. Cabernet and Shardonait are some of the street names, 1.200,000 bottles are located in the Gold Collection area. The most beautiful city in the world! How fun it would be to go and roam the streets!


Longest wine list: Ber’n Steak House, in Tampa, Florida, USA. It is 2500 pages long! 200 different brands of wine are served in glasses, and the cellar has 6800 different brands.

Smallest wine bottle in the world: Created by Steve Klein by a special method called hand-blowing in California, USA. The bottle is 3,2 centimeters long and can hold 0,75 ml’s of wine.

Commercial vineyard with the highest altitude: Terror Creek in Western Colorado, 1900 meters above sea level. The vineyard is surrounded with chain fence to protect it from mountain lions, bears and racoons. It produces Riesling, Gewürztrminer, Pinot Noir, Gamay and Chardonnay. The highest non-commercial vineyard is in the Himalayas, 2100 meters high.

The oldest vineyard trunk in the World: In Maribor, Slovenia. It’s 400 years old and produces 35 to 55 kilos of Ametovka grape in one year. Ametovka is actually an table grape, but sweet wine can be made from it. Look how nice the house is surrounded!

4- maribor

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