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Most Expensive Wine

How many bottles are there of the world’s most expensive wine? What is it that gives a value of hundreds of thousands of dollars to a bottle of wine. Is it the quality of the wine? Or the age? Is it the quantity of the edition? The soil type of the vineyard, the age of the vines, the location? Is it the shortage of the great vintage?The reputation of the winery? The fame of the collectioneer? The high ratings it got from important wine experts? Or must one look into other factors?

Does expensive wine light up more neurons in the orbitofrontal cortex, or is it worth more because of it makes the buyer feel more socially important and powerful? Those who taste them say that old wines worth big amounts of money taste like vinegar. Those who pay astronomical amounts for the wines rarely open them anyway. It has got more to do with economics than sociology or neurology. Wine is like a money shelter.

The bouquet, taste, and the year of the vintage are not details that should be paid much attention. Some great wines fulfill these requirements and still aren’t worth much. The ratings are also not decisive. For example; one of the most expensive wines in the world, 1992 Screaming Eagle got a total score of 99, while there are many wines that got a score of 100. Ironically, 1997 Screaming Eagle is one of these wines.

2004 Penfolds Block 42 Kalimna: An ampule of Penfolds was sold directly from the winery for 168,000 dollars. Which makes it the most expensive wine ever sold directly from the winery and not from an auction . There are only 12 bottles, and the interesting glass design makes the bottle very fetching. They all come from one single Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard which is made from 130 years old vines.

500.000 dollars! The price of the most expensive bottle of wine in the world: 1992 Screaming Eagle! The wine is in a 6 liter bottle, an Imperial bottle. So you have to divide the price in 8 to adjust it. And it was sold for charity!

Heidi Barret Peterson from UC Davis is an important wine producer who Works with lots of Californian companies. She’s accepted as Napa’s wine diva. The diva is recognizable to viewers of Bottle Shock. She’s the wife of Bo Barett, who played the blonde kid who convinced his father- the owner of Chateau Montelena- to join the Judgement of Paris. The 1992 Screaming Eagle was sold at a Napa Valley Charity Auction in 2000 to Chaise Bailey for 500,000 dollars! The price of the wine when it was introduced to the market in 1996 was just 50 dollars. The next year, 1992 Screaming Eagle entered the auction with a price of 650,000 dollars. There are waiting lists for other products of the winery. You have to get in a line before you buy them.

Another of the expensive wines: 1787 Chateau Lafite: Malcolm Forbes paid 155,453 dollars for a bottle in 1985. Nowadays the price of a bottle is considered to be approximately 315,000 dollars. To learn further about the importance of Thomas Jefferson’s initials on the bottle, read (The world is small and weird!

William Sokolin attempted to sell the 1787 Chateau Margaux in 1989 for 500,000, but dropped the bottle in front of everybody. (Read the disastrous fall of Th J..

1787 Chateau d’Yquem: The most expensive bottle of white wine in the world. Sold for 100,000 dollars.

1945 Romanee Conti: Sold for 123,900 dollars.

1907 Heidsieck: Found in a sunken ship. Sold in Moscow for 275,000 dollars.

If you ask which of these is the most expensive wine in the world, the answer is… All of them.

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