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Architecture and wine

Wine is a whisper that comes from the deep soil. Wine is an artistic product that is composed of all of nature’s parts, the aesthetic transformation of the earth. So it is natural that the field and vineyard also benefit from this aesthetic transformation process. There is a saying in Turkish, saying that “A vineyard must be nice on the eyes”, in order for it to function properly.

A vineyard and the winery need as much attention as the family members of the winemaker. So do tasting areas. And products, labels.. In this age, even the websites of wineries are important as post-modern windows.

Wine was first produced in farms and monasteries. The transition from monastery to castle was made in 1525, in Chateau Haut-Brion, in the Pessac Leognan region of Bordeaux. The modernization of winery architecture started in the 19th century in Bordeaux, continued in the 20th century in Napa California, and moved to Rioja Spain in the 21st century, with the efforts of important architects such as Calatrava, Moneo and Gehry. In contemporary times, architectural advancements in wine making have spread to Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Germany and Austria; and have gained homogeneity. Architecture is also important for wine tourism.

In this article you will find examples that we have previously not given space to in our “Wine or winery?” article:

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