Wednesday, November 14th 2018
About me
Who am I anyway? To begin with, I am a wine lover. My everyday life is vastly dedicated to wine and  pertinent issues.  I had  lots of backpacking trips to vineyards  in the middle of  nowhere  ended knocking on doors of wineries in different parts of the world with my husband.  I am also an amateur wine-maker. This is my self-educated performer part. There is an educated side of me also. I am a business school graduate of Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir. I worked as a manager in an education business for some time. This was folllowed by an advanced level certificate study of Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in Istanbul.  I have then completed WSET London’s Diploma Programme in two year’s time which normally takes 3 years. WSET is known to be one of the most prestigious wine schools in the world. This diploma programme is a prerequisite for  Master of Wine candidacy. The programme encompasses intensive lectures and tasting sessions followed by blind-tasting tests and written exams. The programme and exams are maintained in vine cultivation and wine making, wine marketing, fortified wines, light wines, sparkling wines and spirits categories. I am a Full Judge for International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC)  since September 2013. I have also been promoted to judge level at the International Wine Challenge in August 2014. The latest news is; I have been accepted to join the Master of Wine study programme. I am a MW Student since October 2014.
I have been arranging wine workshops in Bozcaada(an Aegean island), Turkey for the last four years with local and foreign participants. I also provide advisory services and training in brand-creating , wine cellars, wine list preparation processes to wine-makers and restaurants. Tuğba Altınöz AIWS